Frequently Asked Questions

The system is integrated with GOV.UK Notify – At a defined point in the workflow the system automatically triggers messages within your Notify account GOV.UK Pay is linked to predefined points within the workflows and accessed through a self-service portal for customer status updates, and badge payment interface via GOV.UK Pay

We are working closely with the DfT and partners to ensure that when hidden disabilities come into force in early 2019 our IEG4 Blue Badge forms and case management will comply with the new changes.

Within the IEG4 Blue Badge software, all the system changes made by the users are recorded; including the key fields and the user actions. Access to customer records are recorded by the user and include a timestamp which is then displayed within the timeline view if the user has the relevant security permissions. The Blue Badge system also displays customer data based on the user role & permissions and it can also filter data to further refine the view.

When a process is complete the user is able to delete items attached to the customer record. The items are notes and documents which are older than X amount of days, and this is set at system level by a council user with the relevant permissions. Within the system, workflows can be abandoned with no further action. If a process is closed, rejected or refused; after a successful appeals process, the system will activate a new post appeal process for that customer with the original data that was provided (unless previously deleted).

The Blue Badge system can automatically generate communications by using email, SMS and pdf templates, with the ability to pre-populate templates with defined data workflows, forms and customer records. Within the system workflow stages, there is an alert BAR (Blue, Amber and Red). This displays the changes based on target stage times within the workflows. At each defined point in the workflow, the system can automatically generate the type of communication best suited for that specific customer based on their preference.

Currently, we integrate with Capita pay360 and Northgate’s Paris payment systems. However, we are aware of Civica’s payments and Pay and can therefore provide these integration options should councils require this function. Additionally, the IEG4 Blue Badge system can automatically send a payment request to a customer on approval of their application. This reduces the need for upfront payments, longer processes through having to wait for postal payments and unnecessary customer communications if the application is not successful.

Yes, the Blue Badge Case Management system can import data from a CSV file with a specific format into customer records, including historical data from the BBIS system. A CVS document and instructions on the description of each field within the CVS document will be made available. The BBIS exported data can then be mapped to the relevant IEG4 CVS file for upload. This is included in the software price.

Within the IEG4 case management system customer services can start a new application over the phone or continue the application from the last point of entry enabling customer service staff to to complete the application by other means such as over the phone. This is one of the many benefits of the end to end Blue Badge software solution, enabling councils to harness complete control of each application, case & workflow.

We have created our forms to give councils an extensive array of designer options, that include, form text editable fields and the ability to include and exclude local discretionary questions, enabling councils to set the local blue badge processes according to their policies and manage national changes direct from our form designer. Furthermore in the advent of the release of information regarding the changes to include Hidden Disabilities, IEG4 will update all forms to remain consistent with national policy.

With the IEG4 Blue Badge system your council will be able to order, renew and cancel Blue Badges direct from the software, keeping track of all your applications and workflows. We will be using the National DFT API's to place an order to print, retrieve a individual blue badge reference number, and cancel a badge should a council decide to take this action all from the IEG4 system.

We have an automated mechanism that is able using user definable date ranges to take data, anonymise it and push into a data warehouse for reporting. The benefit of this of course being that data is not being held unreasonably (GDPR compliance) yet the authority still has the benefit of trend & analytical reporting over time.