Automated Communications

Significantly reduce time spent on unnecessary internal & external correspondence by automatically triggering communications at each stage of the blue badge application process. Includes Gov.uk Notify

Dynamic workflows

Take control of all your Applications, Renewals, Cancellations, Appeals, and Misuse reporting with dynamic workflows.

DfT Integration

Stay on top of all your badge applications with our end to end Department for Transport integration to the national blue badge service.

Upload Documents

Upon application ask your citizens to upload locally so your council can include evidence & other additional documentation required for assessment approval. All documents are linked to cases and customer records.


Powerful Visual Reporting

Take advantage of all your blue badge data with powerful dashboard based visual reporting using Microsoft PowerBI.

Case Management

Need to manage your blue badge cases effectively? Our localised solution enables your council to keep track of all your cases as they progress from application to order.

Time tracked Workflow

Revolutionise your local management of blue badge processes. Cases can be tracked throughout your workflow with allocated completion times for each stage.

User Management

Enhance your badge workflow with our powerful user/team management with the ability to allocate different roles/permissions to stages and improve your capabilities to audit.